BTI’s consulting services are aimed to assist commercial landscape maintenance contractors in identifying and solving problems in the performance of the irrigation systems they maintain, as well as in the water management practices that take place in the field. After a thorough field survey, BTI provides detailed recommendations to improve the landscape environment as a whole. Furthermore, BTI assists contractors in the development of a Preventive Irrigation System Maintenance Program to ensure an optimum equipment operation and longevity. Additionally, BTI facilitates the development of an in-house Water Management Monitoring System in order to obtain weekly irrigation feedback.

In order to strengthen the role of landscape contractors and make them more effective in their maintenance practices, BTI has always supported that the above preventive and monitoring programs are implemented and followed in-house by the maintenance contractor.

Summary of consulting services offered to landscape maintenance contractors:

  • Survey the properties they maintain to identify problems in the water management practices taking place in the field, as well as in the performance of the irrigation system.
  • Provide recommendations to improve both.
  • Additionally, BTI works with Industry Associations revising and editing the study material and tests used in the various certifications they offer to the landscape Industry.Assist in the development and implementation of a Preventive Irrigation System Maintenance Program to minimize emergencies and ensure the optimum performance of the system.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a Water Management Monitoring System to obtain weekly feedback by comparing the actual water use with a calculated water budget for each landscape site.

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    BTI’s comprehensive Irrigation Training Program provides a solid foundation to landscape professionals in two areas: Troubleshooting and Water Management. The classes included in each section are tailored to meet the specific training needs of each client. In addition, BTI offers Technical Site Visits in order to demonstrate in the field the knowledge and techniques presented throughout the training program.

    BTI’s Irrigation Training Program focuses on transmitting:

  • The technical knowledge required to effectively analyzing and resolving problems in the field through a methodical process
    of elimination.
  • The understanding of the horticulture balance that promotes a healthy and thriving landscape environment.
  • The understanding of the critical environmental relationships required to manage water sustainably in the landscape.
  • Troubleshooting Section:

    During this section of the program, the attendees will learn how each component of the irrigation system functions and the appropriate operating conditions for optimum performance. This is the foundation that will enable the attendees to follow a methodical process of elimination to effectively troubleshoot and repair the various components of the irrigation system in an orderly and timely manner.

  • System Hydraulics - Building Blocks to Ensure an Optimum Working Pressure in the Irrigation System and to Minimize Recurrent Pipe Breaks
  • Troubleshooting & Fine-Tuning Techniques for Optimum
    System Performance
  • Valve Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Water Management Section:

    In this section of the program the attendees will experience the importance of managing the irrigation in a sustainable manner, to promote a thriving soil environment that contributes to plant health and autonomy. A thorough understanding of water management principles and the soil moisture depletion method are invaluable tools to promote a healthy landscape environment and to minimize pest, diseases, water waste and the contamination of both ground and surface water.

    This section consists of five water management classes.

  • Fundamentals and Application of Drip Irrigation in the Landscape
  • Sustainable Water Management Principles, Beyond
    Efficient Irrigation
  • Practical Techniques for Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Scheduling
  • Controller Programming
  • Method to Determine the Water Budget for a Landscape Site and Its Application to Evaluate Current Water Management Practices

    BTI’s Two-Wire System Training Program covers the two-wire system of five major manufacturers: Rain Bird, Tucor, Hydropoint, Rain Master and Hunter.

    FTwo-Wire System Program Scope:

      CLASS 1 Rain Bird ESP-LXD Two-Wire System
      CLASS 2 Tucor RKD Two-Wire System
      CLASS 3 WeatherTRAK ET Pro 3 Two-Wire System
      CLASS 4 Rain Master Eagle Plus Two-Wire System
      CLASS 5 Hunter ACC Two-Wire System

    The objective of BTI’s Two-Wire System Training Program is to improve the knowledge of landscape professionals in the following areas:

  • In-depth understanding of Two-Wire Systems
  • Design and installation guidelines.
  • Surge protection and grounding
  • Decoder Programming
  • Controller Diagnostics
  • Two-wire path troubleshooting tools and techniques

    This activity is intended to demonstrate in the field how to evaluate current water management practices and how to recognize problems in the operation of the irrigation system. To that end, the attendees will have the opportunity to use simple and effective troubleshooting tools such as a soil probe, a volt-ohm meter and a pressure gauge.

    Furthermore, the attendees will experience how to accurately collect the date required to develop sound irrigation schedules, such as soil texture, root zone depth, plant type (high, medium, low or very low water use), microzone characteristics, degree of slope, and precipitation rate based on the total flow method.


    BTI translates technical literature for the Landscape Industry.

  • Industry Associations’ Certification tests
  • Industry Associations’ Certification Study Material
  • Industry Associations’ Certification Requirements
  • Industry Associations’ Conference Program
  • Irrigation Manufacturer’s Catalogs & Technical Sheets
  • Irrigation Manufacturer’s Technical Manuals
  • Rebate Programs Requirements & Specifications
  • Etc.